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Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative
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Find reliable information quickly on this site. Here are some tips about how things are organized.

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Navigating the Site
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Find information tailored to you in the Patient or Health Provider section. There's also a section about the four-year Surgical Initiative, and a link to the Specialist Directory.

For Patients
An easy-to-navigate description of the surgical patient's journey, with resources to help you understand what's ahead and what your options are.

For Health Providers
Quickly find ideas for improving processes, maximizing safety, serving patients better and reducing wait times.

About the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative
Details about the innovative collaboration across the health system to achieve sooner, safer, smarter surgical care for patients.

Specialist Directory - Interactive Tool
Find up-to-date information on specialists (procedures they perform, expected wait for a consultation, and wait times for surgeries).



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Can't Find Something? The information you're looking for may be on another website. Here are some health-related information sources.

Government of Saskatchewan
HealthLine Online (consumer health information):
Saskatchewan Health Regions
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency


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