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Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative
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About the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative

In 2009, as a result of the findings from The Patient First Review, Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health began working with specialists, health regions and health care providers on a plan for improving the experience of Saskatchewan surgical patients. This was the beginning of the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative.

The ultimate goal of the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative is to demonstrate to patients that health care in our province can be accessible, safe, sustainable, and of the highest quality.

The plan of the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative includes:

  • reducing surgical wait times to no more than three months within four years (by 2014);

  • making changes that result in better and safer care for surgical patients;

  • improving the experiences of Saskatchewan surgical patients; and

  • ensuring that short wait times can be sustained into the future.

The Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative is guided by the cooperative effort of two important advisory groups:

The Guiding Coalition represents the front line experience and is comprised of physicians, nurses, therapists and other providers, representatives from every health region, health care unions, regulatory bodies, the Health Quality Council, Ministry of Health, and patient advisors.

The Executive Sponsorship Group provides strategic leadership, advice and direction for the Surgical Initiative and champions the transformation of the patient’s surgical experience. This group represents higher-level decision makers and is made up of members from the Health Quality Council, Regina Qu’Appelle, Saskatoon and Cypress health regions, the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Medical Association, the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, Kaizen Institute lean advisors, senior leaders of the Ministry of Health, and patient advisors.

See How We’re Doing

For information on the progress of the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative, click here

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