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Surgical Information System

The Surgical Information System allows patients to have a more structured and safer experience in surgery, right from the time of booking and scheduling, to the built-in safety components in the operating room.

-Dr. Edmund Royeppen, Senior Medical Officer,
Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

Saskatchewan’s Surgical Information System (SIS) is now receiving bookings electronically from surgeon offices. At the same time, the health region is supporting and assisting surgeons in implementing OR Manager in their offices. OR Manager allows physicians and office staff to remotely view surgeons’ schedules, booking details and activity reports and to submit booking requests online. It saves time by simplifying the scheduling of operating room cases from the surgeon’s office and provides easy access to booking information and available time slots. It also improves communication with physicians and between sites, reduces phone calls and prevents discrepancies that impact operating room time and patient care.

Each regional health authority has staff specifically trained to assist you with the Surgical Information System and OR Manager. If you need more information or would like OR Manager installed in your office, contact your region’s IT department and ask them to put you in touch with your region’s Surgical Information System, system administrator.Dr. Patrick O'Keeffe

The Surgical Information System is now operational in Prince Albert Parkland Health Region (Victoria Hospital, Prince Albert), Cypress Health Region (Cypress Regional Hospital, Swift Current), Prairie North Health Region (Battlefords Union Hospital and Lloydminster Hospital) and in Five Hills (Moose Jaw Union Hospital). It will be introduced in the Saskatoon Health Region next year, followed by the Regina Qu’Appelle and Sunrise Health Regions.

The system offers a range of benefits, including:

Surgical Scheduling: Surgical cases are electronically booked and managed.

Charting: Operating room staff can track patient preparation, medications, specimens taken, equipment used, and procedure times.

Supply Management: Ordering of equipment and supplies is automated, so everything needed for a surgical procedure is readily available.

Patient Tracking: Staff and families can be visually notified about where the patient is physically located during the surgical process, so they are informed about the patient's progress.

Easy Access to Information: Health providers with appropriate access levels can easily and securely find necessary information about a patient's health status.

Patient Safety: Surgical Information System supports planning, monitoring and recording of surgical events.

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