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Appropriateness and Clinical Variation

I think there's going to be a huge opportunity to find out why the variation is the way it is. Then the surgeons who are doing these procedures can say if one approach is better than another. I think there are some real potential advantages.

-Dr. Gary Groot, Surgeon, Saskatoon

Patient-centred care means high quality care. And high quality care means appropriate care: the right service for the right patient at the right time, everywhere in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative is firmly committed to this ideal, as it strives to achieve sooner, safer, smarter surgical care.

Evidence shows there is variation in the use of health services for conditions and circumstances that are quite similar. A group of Saskatchewan physicians and other providers are curious to find out why, and they are learning from the experiences of high-performing health systems.

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The working group will collaborate with various specialties to look at data that shows the extent of variation in frequently performed procedures, then explore why the variation occurs.

As the front line providers learn more, they will understand where there is both over-use and under-use of services. The next step is for clinicians to build consensus around common service guidelines that will help to reduce the practice variation.

The work on appropriateness and clinical variation complements other promising Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative efforts to advance patient-centred care, such as shared decision-making and clinical pathway development.

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